Never underestimate the importance of having fun.

scratch off the books you have read

100 Essential Novels: Chart your reading progress with a fabulous scratch-off poster

With so many fabulous books out there it can be difficult to remember just which…

A maths equation where the numbers are characters

Ideas for quick mental maths games

Put down your tablet, turn off the computer and hide that calculator. It’s time for…

Some of the figures you can create at Cubecraft

Print and fold popular 3D characters at Cubeecraft

Cubeecraft is a website that has free templates for crafting popular characters out of paper.

David Attenborough stands in front of a Titanosaur illustration

360 Degree video of David Attenborough and the Titanosaur

Virtual reality technology gives us the chance to experience and learn about some amazing things.

A 360 degree interactive exploration of the solar system

An interactive 360 degree tour of our solar system

There are certain topics that 360 degree video is perfect for and one of them…

Print your own gifs at gifpop

Printed GIFs: From the digital world to a physical product

In many card shops, you’ll occasionally come across a card that looks like it’s moving…

The icons used in Richard Wiseman's prediction game

A mind game that will predict your every move

This prediction game from Richard Wiseman will predict your every move.

What would it be like if dinosaurs were alive today?

Could humans survive in the Jurassic period?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live alongside dinosaurs?

A frog needs help! Can you solve the riddle?

Using probability to solve the frog riddle

There’s a lot of things in life that can’t be predicted with total certainty and…

Cute boxes of animal paperclips by Midori

Midori add a touch of creativity to boring paper clips

Japanese company Midori have reinvented the paper clip with designs worthy of a place on…

A gingerbread man cookie cutter that imprints his skeleton

GingerDead Man makes the perfect Halloween cookies

With Halloween approaching fast, these fun cookie cutters add a frightening twist on the traditional gingerbread…

A cork cactus for holding pushpins

Organise your desk with a prickly cork cactus

The cork cactus is a minimal replica of the classic desert plant that is perfect…