Times tables, posters and more!

A set of free division flash cards for 1-12 times tables.

Square Division Flash Cards

A set of 144 times table flash cards that focus on division.

free times table flash cards in various colours

Square Multiplication Flash Cards

A set of colourful times table flash cards from 1-12.

A set of foldable multiplication flash cards in various colours, on a pink background

Foldable Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication flash cards for 1-12 times tables.

A colourful number chart displaying how many factors each number has

How Many Factors? Prime Number Chart 1-100

A prime number chart from 1-100 that displays how many factors each one has.

1-12 times table fan deck printable multiplication

1-12 Times Table Fan Deck

Create a fan deck of colour and multiplication! 

A multiplication table to scale where each number has the correct amount of squares

12x Multiplication Table to Scale

A 12x multiplication table to scale with a grid background, allowing students to count each…

Colourful times tables consisting of dots and stripes

Colourful Times Tables

A set of abstract, multicoloured times tables from 1-12.



A colourful poster to show the mathematical order of operations when calculating an equation.

play countdown game print letters free

Countdown Game

A printable version of the classic TV show, Countdown. There are 4 letters to an…

A set of 1-12 times tables in the style of Pokémon

Pokemon Times Tables

A set of Pokémon times tables from 1-12. The numbers have been split into four…