Tools and resources for using in the classroom.

a live video stream of the international space station iss

Watch the ISS camera stream live from your classroom

The International Space Station is a huge science lab in the stars, and home to…

A screenshot of Kiddle, the search engine for children

Kiddle: A visual search engine that’s suitable for children

Kiddle is a new search engine for children that not only displays sites that are safe…

The LEGO architect book shows you inspiring creations

Explore the history of architecture in LEGO

One of the main reasons why LEGO is so popular is that there is no…

A bag of water is pierced by five pencils but it doesn't leak

10 cool science tricks using liquids

In this fascinating YouTube video you’ll discover some of the amazing things that you can…

The Plus Plus logo and some of their products

Plus-Plus is a LEGO alternative for building and construction

Plus-Plus is a new construction toy for boys and girls that uses a simple shape…

Connective underground map

Visually display connectives on a connective underground map

This connective underground map is a creative way to display the different types of connectives.

Colourful magnetic notes for organising

Tesla Amazing: Reusable magnetic notes that stick to anything

Tesla Amazing aims to re-energise the world of stationery with their innovative Magnetic paper that…

A world map cork board

Pin items from around the world with a cork board map

We’re a big fan of corkboards as they give you an area on your classroom…

Uniqcube star constellation lamp

UNIQCUBE: A lamp for learning star constellations

The UNIQCUBE is a clever lamp designed to teach you about the constellations in the…

A roll of brown paper for classroom crafts

10 Classroom crafts with a big roll of paper

A big roll of paper is such a versatile tool for the classroom and it can…

A personal library kit with stamp

A personal library kit for the classroom

A self-explanatory kit from Knock Knock — the award-winning makers of witty books and gifts.

Sumblox wooden numbers

Sumblox: Unique wooden building blocks for maths

Sumblox are a new product for helping children learn about numbers and basic arithmetic.