learn how pixar make movies free online course

Learn how Pixar creates animated movies in their free online course

Disney Pixar and Khan Academy have teamed up to create a free online course, called…

create star wars special effects using your smartphone

Action Movie FX adds Hollywood-style effects to your videos

Action Movie FX is one of those apps that will genuinely impress you when you…

harry potter printable newspaper templates free daily prophet quibbler

Harry Potter Newspaper Templates

Create hard-hitting headlines and beguiling articles with our Harry Potter newspaper templates.

Speechflix: Understanding Parts of Speech

Our Speechflix poster is clearly inspired by Netflix as a relevant way to understand parts…

Hogwarts Express Platform 9¾ Banners

Two banners for adding to a Harry Potter themed display. Each one is split into…

free printable superman letters classroom

Superman Alphabet

A set of Superman letters from A-Z. They come in three styles including blue background,…

To infinity, and beyond

A colourful banner illustrating Buzz Lightyear’s famous quote from Toy Story.

Star Wars Space Banner

A space themed banner in the style of Star Wars. It prints across three A4…

Ice Age Alphabet

An ice cold alphabet in the style of the animated movies Ice Age. Great for…

Harry Potter Alphabet

An uppercase and lowercase set of letters for all your Harry Potter themed topics.

imovie ipad classroom

iMovie is a fast, fun, drag and drop moviemaking app

The iPad is a great learning tool and that includes being equipped with a brilliant…

harry potter number line hogwarts express

Hogwarts Express Number Line 0-20

Fans of Harry Potter can now count on their very own Hogwarts Express number line.