create star wars special effects using your smartphone

Action Movie FX adds Hollywood-style effects to your videos

Action Movie FX is one of those apps that will genuinely impress you when you see it. It adds explosions, monsters, aliens, robots and more, into your videos with just a few taps.

Not only that, but the effects are surprisingly realistic – especially with the help from the team at Star Wars.

Adding an effect to your video is relatively easy and it involves filming an area where you want the effect to occur. The screen displays a ‘target’ icon to help you compose the shot. Most special effects last around 5 seconds but the app tells you the length prior to filming. Once you’ve filmed your video, you can edit the timing of the effect by choosing when it starts.

There are only so many free effects in the app and you can purchase extra bundles if you’re looking for a specific effect. Luckily you can video preview all of the effects before buying anything.

Download for iOS.


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