Traktor DJ lets you mix music like the professionals

Traktor DJ is a simple but fully-featured iPad app for mixing and adding effects to music. You can mix together two songs at once, as if you had real DJ tools in front of you. Loading up new tracks is easy as you swipe from the bottom upwards to reveal the music browser. This is where you have access to all the tracks in your iTunes library. Once you’ve added a song, you can begin mixing.

To add different effects, just pinch and swipe your way through 8 pro DJ effects, that can be adjusted live as you listen to your songs — hearing each effect take place as you move your finger. You can also speed up tracks by adjusting a song’s tempo at the top of the screen. Furthermore, Traktor DJ is great for DJing at parties and school discos as the built-in fade feature lets you easily transition from one song to another — just like the professionals.

Although some of the features may be tricky at first, there is an informative notification centre that can be accessed from the top of the app. Here you will find instructions with pictures that really help explain some of the app’s features.

We’re by no means musical experts, but based on the fun we had mixing and the available features, we’re pretty happy with just about everything Traktor DJ has to offer.



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