Printable note cards for music teachers and musicians, in four pastel colours

Musical Notes

For when you need to send a someone a quick note. Pun absolutely intended.

handsfree ipad stand classroom

Lavolta adjustable floor stand raises tablet to a standing height

One of the reasons tablet stands are so popular is that they free up your…

tune guitar using app ipad iphone android

Guitar Tuna is a free app for tuning musical instruments

Guitar Tuna is one of those apps that just works. It’s super easy to use…

orchestra ipad app music

The Orchestra app visualises how classical music comes together

Developers Touchpress are quickly becoming one of the top creators of iPad apps.

loopy hd beatboxing app ipad

Layer recordings of singing, beatboxing or instruments in Loopy HD

In music, a loop is a recurring musical sequence that can be used for background…

ion controller guitar for ipad

Convert your iPad into a full-size electric guitar

The guitar controller by ION is a case that houses your iPad in a guitar-shaped…

ipad band music apps

Inspiration and apps for creating an iPad band

The iPad is a very capable tool when it comes to making music, as seen in…

beethoven app for ipad

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony showcases his iconic work and performances

Award-winning developers Touch Press have created a wonderful app that highlights the amazing work of…

tabfinder riffr guitar tabs ipad app

Browse through a huge collection of free guitar tabs with Riffr

With such a large collection of guitar tabs, you would need a pretty big book…

Isle of Tune website for creating musical journeys

Isle of Tune’s unique approach on creating music

Isle of Tune is a website and iOS app that lets you create music by…

A screenshot from the music app Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ lets you mix music like the professionals

Traktor DJ is a simple but fully-featured iPad app for mixing and adding effects to…

Printable guitar icons to colour in

Guitar Icons

Add a little rock ‘n’ roll to your classroom with our colourful guitar icons. The…