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Convert your iPad into a full-size electric guitar with the ION Guitar Controller

ion controller guitar for ipad

The guitar controller by ION is a case that houses your iPad in a guitar-shaped body. But not only does it look good, it actually functions like a real guitar.

The fretboard has 84 buttons that light up, helping you learn songs faster. It features a built-in speaker for loud performances as well as a headphone jack for when rockin’ out needs to be done more quietly! The sound of the guitar can also be altered by switching between one of the five effects modes.

The guitar comes with an accompanying app called All-Star Guitar that teachers you 10 songs from start to finish. Unfortunately, you have to buy the songs individually!

The ION guitar controller is almost 6 years old, so why are we mentioning it now? Well, as all the latest iPads have the lightning connector, they aren’t compatible with it. This means if you have an older iPad 1, 2 or 3 you can buy the guitar for your class or school at a huge discount. The simplest way to tell if your iPad is compatible is to look at the base of the iPad and look for the wider 30-pin connector (about 2cm).

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