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Browse through a huge collection of free guitar tabs with Riffr

With such a large collection of guitar tabs, you would need a pretty big book to hold them all. Riffr (formerly TabFinder) not only ensures you always have that perfect song, but unlike a book, you can search for a tab extremely quickly. Whether you want to search bands, singers or titles of a song.

When you find a song you like, to avoid having to constantly scroll through the music as you play, you can turn on auto-scrolling which does exactly what you think it does. This means you can setup the iPad on a stand or a desk and play hands-free. Favourite songs can also be saved so that you can access them later — including offline.

The app doesn’t really need any specific training and most teachers and students should have no issues using it. The only problem you’ll have is to decide what music to play!

Download for iOS.

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