handsfree ipad stand classroom

Lavolta adjustable floor stand raises tablet to a standing height

One of the reasons tablet stands are so popular is that they free up your hands without having to hold it. For most tasks, having a cover or case that tilts the screen at an angle is perfectly acceptable, but for playing musical instruments or giving a presentation you might need the device at a better height. There’s also the added health benefits on working on the iPad whilst standing instead of sitting.

The Lavolta tablet stand is one of the best options when you consider price and quality. It’s not too expensive for schools and it has a build quality to withstand the odd bump here and there. It has a solid base for stability but it’s not too heavy to carry around from classroom to classroom.

It fits any 8.9″ – 10.4″ tablet and can be adjusted to a height of 1.3 metres. The tablet can also be rotated to both landscape and portrait views.

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