The Little Leaf gardening role-play kit for children

The Little Leaf Garden Centre Role-Play (Editable)

An entirely customisable garden centre for imaginative role-playing games.

A clip-on camera system for iPad

OlloClip 3-in-1 lens brings macro photography to the iPad

OlloClip started out life as an idea on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, to develop a…

Screenshots from the Chirpomatic bird ID app

ChirpOMatic identifies garden birds by listening to their songs and calls

With mobile devices, identifying birds when out and about has been made so much easier.

A screenshot from the build and create app, Toca Nature

Toca Nature: Shape the landscape and connect with animals in their habitat

Toca Nature is a stunning app that gives you complete control to create a wonderful…

extinct animal cards classroom teaching

Extinct Animals

Our set of 10 cards raise awareness to some of the animals that have become…

identify butterfly app for ipad

A guide for identifying British and European butterflies

Reference guides are an excellent type of app for the iPad as you get so…

chirp bird song app ipad

Chirp! Bird Song of Britain and Europe helps you identify and learn about birds

Identifying bird song with Chirp! is like having a personal bird expert with you at…

realistic tree template for drawing the four seasons: spring summer autumn winter

Four Seasons Tree Templates

A realistic tree template for drawing the changes throughout the four seasons.

free ipad app displaying nuclear power plant locations

See a map of all the nuclear power plants in the world

Every year, the world is slowly becoming more green when it comes to energy production.

A screenshot from the Dynamic Plates iPad app

Dynamic Plates explains how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed

Some apps benefit from the use of animations as they allow you to see exactly…

owl numbers 1-20

Owl Numbers

A set of owl numbers in various colours from 1-20. Available in both large and small…

3d tour of mount everest app

Explore Mount Everest in 3D from every angle

As the majority of us will likely never witness Mount Everest in person, the next…