free ipad app displaying nuclear power plant locations

See a map of all the nuclear power plants in the world

Every year, the world is slowly becoming more green when it comes to energy production. However, you might be surprised at how much energy is still created using nuclear power. This free app, displays the location of each one throughout the world.

You can zoom in and out as well as tap on each plant to find out the name and more information. Each power plant has a circle surrounding it that shows if the site has had any nuclear accidents. White meaning no events, up to dark red meaning a catastrophe.

Once you tap on a specific power plant, you are given some more detailed information:

  • Start of operation.
  • Year of planned shutdown.
  • Energy output in megawatts.
  • Link to wikipedia page.
  • Worst recorded event.
  • Type of reactor.

Download for iOS.

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