Plickers: An innovative way of conducting polls and quizzes in your classroom

Plickers is an interactive poll system that provides teachers with a unique way of gathering answers or opinions from students. Data is collected through special printable cards that display a unique shape, similar to a QR code, that the iPhone can recognise when scanned.

plickers interactive poll cards

The shapes are numbered for identification purposes to allow you to assign them to students — thus telling you who voted what. Each side of the shape displays a tiny letter (A,B,C,D) so only the person holding the card knows their answer. The iPhone then scans all the shapes and displays everyone’s answer on screen.

To get started, download and print the free Plickers cards here. If you are going to laminate the cards for durability, keep them away from bright sunlight as the reflections can interfere when the camera scans them.

Available for iOS and Android.

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