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Petting Zoo: animated doodles that you can interact with

Screenshot of the Petting Zoo app for iPad
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Petting Zoo is a series of animal doodles that are animated by touching the screen. Each tap or swipe produces a different effect as you travel through the zoo.

You have arrow buttons at the bottom of each corner allowing you to go back or forwards on your tour. When you move between different animals, the doodles seamlessly morph together in one beautiful transition — all accompanied by a wonderful, upbeat soundtrack.

Interacting with an animal is really easy. For example, in the crocodile above, the teeth are musical notes. Tapping on them not only produces sound but they’ll move around in different ways too.

Our only worry is that once you’ve explored everything at the zoo, it may all become a little bit repetitive.

Using Petting Zoo in the Classroom

  • A starter task for descriptive writing
  • Introduction to animals and colour
  • Think about other animals — how would they move, what would they do
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