miximal animal swapping app

Miximal is a simple app that mixes animals and syllables

Miximal, as the name suggests, is an app that lets you mix up animals. By swiping through the three sections you can change how the animal looks from top to bottom. The app has been illustrated so that each body part lines up with the others, creating a more believable animal body. Each part is also animated with sound effects when you tap on it.

Every time you change a part the app speaks out loud the name of your creation by taking a syllable from each one. For example, if you were to combine a flamingo head, with a chimpanzee torso and crocodile legs you would get a Flapandile. You might then use this as inspiration for drawing your own wacky creature or to write a story about one of their adventures.

The developers of Miximal also created Drawnimal: an app where you use the iPad in addition to pencil and paper.

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