Newspaper Word of the Day, Week, Month and Year

A set of four posters in the style of an old newspaper to help improve…

Musical Notes

For when you need to send a someone a quick note. Pun absolutely intended.

Hemingway app recommends edits to improve your writing

Hemingway is a web and desktop application that aims to tidy up your writing and…

A realistic typewriter app created by Tom Hanks

With realistic sounds and beautiful looks, Hanx Writer does a great job of bringing to…

Folger Luminary Shakespeare reinvents the playwright’s classics

The Folger Shakespeare Library is a world-renowned research centre located in Washington, D.C.

funny grammar quote today we are going to cut and paste kids

Check grammar, improve word choice and detect plagiarism

The website Grammarly is an online grammar checker that claims to be the most accurate in…

create a typeface using your handwriting

Calligraphr is an online tool for creating a font using your handwriting

Calligraphr is a relatively easy way of turning your handwriting into a font so you…

collaborative story writing classroom schools

Story Wars is a website for collaborative storytelling

Story Wars is a new website that brings people together from all over the world…

miximal animal swapping app

Miximal is a simple app that mixes animals and syllables

Miximal, as the name suggests, is an app that lets you mix up animals. By…

learn to write cursive app for ipad

A brilliant app for teaching children cursive writing

An introduction to cursive writing almost seems like it was made for a tablet.


Quark DesignPad is an advanced creation app for newsletters, posters and more

If you need to create an official document for printing, Quark DesignPad is about as…

comicbook app for ipad

ComicBook: Create your own comic book adventures

ComicBook! is a relatively professional app for creating comic books but it also makes the…