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Calligraphr is an online tool for creating a font using your handwriting

create a typeface using your handwriting

Calligraphr is a relatively easy way of turning your handwriting into a font so you can use it to create any digital document, such as posters, newsletters or worksheets.

The process involves printing off a template which you fill out and then scan back in. The template includes a grid of boxes that displays what letter should go where, acting as a guide to help you. It covers uppercase and lowercase letters as well as punctuation and numbers.

The template has to be filled out using a medium-thick, black felt pen. This will produce the greatest contrast and the best results.

Once you have your font, just install it on your computer and you’re ready to start using it. Try it in word documents, e-mails or create a poster with your favourite quote.

You could even install an app like AnyFont and use it on your iPad.

Creating a font is free at Calligraphr once you’ve registered an account. If you want to create more than one design, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account ($8 a month).


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