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Noteshelf is an app for helping you go paperless

noteshelf organisation app for going paperless ipad

Noteshelf is the biggest advertisement for going paperless that we’ve seen yet.

It’s brilliant for taking handwritten notes thanks to a very handy magnification feature. Let us explain. When writing with a stylus, it’s difficult to write small text without it become jumbled or messy, so Noteshelf gives you a magnified area to write in at the bottom of the screen and then transfers that to the top of the screen.

Even when you’re using lined paper (the app comes with several ‘paper’ backgrounds, with more available to buy via in-app purchases), the magnified area cleverly tracks your writing across the line. When you get to the end of the line, it seamlessly moves you to the next one.

However, this isn’t the only reason to love Noteshelf. The choice of pens and ink styles are lovely, with more being regularly added. There’s great palm-recognition so it’ll ignore accidental touches when you’re writing or drawing, and you can easily cut, copy and paste notes.

The whole notebook-style setup is great for keeping yourself organised, and being able to export to Evernote and Dropbox means you can sync your notes to any device.

Download for iOS.


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