Phases of the Moon

The eight phases of the moon as seen from earth when the sun bounces light…


Solar Walk is a 3D environment for navigating through our solar system

Solar Walk takes you up into space on an adventure through and around the planets in our…

a live video stream of the international space station iss

Watch the ISS camera stream live from your classroom

The International Space Station is a huge science lab in the stars, and home to…

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible. A motivational poster for the classroom.

An interactive 360 degree tour of our solar system

There are certain topics that 360 degree video is perfect for and one of them…

To infinity, and beyond

A colourful banner illustrating Buzz Lightyear’s famous quote from Toy Story.

Free NASA posters displaying visions of the future

If we could live on any planet in our solar system, how might they be…

What it’s like to return to earth after a stay on the ISS

Recently, Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a 340-day stay on the International Space Station…

Star Wars Space Banner

A space themed banner in the style of Star Wars. It prints across three A4…

A lamp for learning star constellations

The UNIQCUBE is a clever lamp designed to teach you about the constellations in the…

Sky Safari 5 is your compass to the stars

There’s a lot of apps in the astronomy category but Sky Safari is a true gem.

Space Writing Templates

Write or draw about space with six of our writing templates.