A weather report for helping children express their feelings

My Weather Report: how am I feeling today?

Sometimes explaining how you feel can be difficult!

accurate free weather app for ipad

WunderStation displays detailed information from over 100,000 personal weather stations

If you want an incredibly accurate weather forecast in your area, then WunderStation is the…

A temperature log for children

Weekly Temperature Log

A child-friendly chart for logging daily and weekly temperatures.

Printable numbers on yellow and orange suns

Sun Numbers

Numbers 1-20 on sun icons. Also available as an alphabet.

Printable alphabet on yellow and orange sun icons

Sun Alphabet

A set of letters from A-Z on sun icons. Ideal for weather topics or a…

Noisli sound effects for an interesting classroom ambience

Fun background sound effects with Noisli

Noisli is a background noise generator that lets you create fun environments for your classroom.

Printable rainbow numbers and maths symbols for the classroom

Rainbow Numbers

Rainbow numbers from 0-20 and maths symbols: + – x ÷ =.

Colourful rainbow alphabet

Rainbow Alphabet

A bright and colourful set of rainbow alphabet letters.

Weather flash cards highlighting a positive forecast

Weather Cards Vol. 2

Another collection of weather cards, ready to print on A4 pages. Some of the cards…

Simple weather flash cards displaying sunny and light clouds

Weather Cards Vol. 1

Our 8 weather cards display the most common types of forecasts.

Green Science weather station for the classroom

Weather station for kids makes learning interactive

This Green Science experiment kit is an excellent weather station for kids, that teaches them…

Large printable cloud icons for display

Large Display Clouds

Seven styles of display clouds in A4 and A3 sizes. We’ve also included a guide…