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My Weather Report: How Am I Feeling Today?

A weather report for helping children express their feelings

Sometimes explaining how you feel can be difficult!

Our weather report pack includes everything you need to help children express their feelings more easily.

There are 15 types of weather that represent various feelings that may be encountered throughout the school day: relieved, hopeful, anxious, frustrated, tired, meh, awesome, embarrassed, upset, happy, thankful, angry, relaxed, calm and confused. The emotions can be cut out and attached to the various activities in the pack.

The resource can be used many different ways and we’ve tried to include a few flexible options for asking students how they’re feeling.

  • In-depth report for explaining why you feel this way and an area to attach an emotion.
  • Simple cards for attaching a weather emotion.
  • Daily cards for morning and afternoon where two emotions can be attached.
  • A weekly report where each day can have a new emotion attached and an explanation for each one.
  • An A4 page containing all emotions for cutting out and using for the tasks above.
  • An A4 poster with all emotions displayed.
  • My Weather Report Logo for creating a wall display.
  • Large feeling cards for group work or display.
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