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WunderStation displays detailed information from over 100,000 personal weather stations

accurate free weather app for ipad

If you want an incredibly accurate weather forecast in your area, then WunderStation is the app you’ll need. It uses Personal Weather Stations (PWS) to gather the latest and most precise weather data imaginable. These individually-owned stations are located across the globe and send back data as often as 2.5 seconds. The system was founded in 2001 as a way to provide more granular data to meteorologists.

Once you’ve added a local station (we found one just 100m away!) you can observe all the data as it comes in. Temperature, hourly forecasts, rainfall totals, wind speed, air pressure and sky conditions are all accessible; with the ability to go back in time and view past recordings.

As the weather stations are scattered across the country, there’s a very high chance that a station will be located near you. It’s almost like having your own personal weather station that you don’t have to manage!

WunderStation could be a great teaching tool as you can access lots of different data and see the results out the window. Notice a drop in air pressure on the live graph? Could be that rain is on the way. How many hours of daylight do we have today? How much rain fell during that storm this morning? All can be discovered in WunderStation. It’s absolutely brilliant and it’s free.

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