A screenshot of Marble Math iPad app

Marble Math is a classic Labyrinth-style game with numbers

Marble Math is a game that doesn’t just test your maths knowledge, but you’ll need…

Screenshots from the Todo Maths app

Geometry, counting, equations, time, money and more in Todo Maths

Todo Maths is one of the most thorough and content-laden apps you can get for…

A screenshot from the smart calculator app, Tydig

Tydlig: The smartest calculator in the App Store

Calculators aren’t the most exciting apps in the App Store but Tydlig is worth mentioning…

A screenshot from the numeracy app for young children, Quick Maths Jr

Practise counting, arithmetic and writing numbers in Quick Maths Jr.

Quick Maths Jr. is an app with 6 games to help children understand basic numeracy.

A screenshot from the numeracy app Mystery Math

Solve the mystery of the Math Museum

In Mystery Math Museum you need to become a maths detective to help find missing…

mental arithmetic app in space

Math Blast is mental arithmetic in space

Math Blast is a simple but unique style of maths game where the user must…

quick fractions ios app ipad

Cover all aspects of fractions in a simple, easy way with Quick Fractions

Quick Fractions is another super app from the team at Shiny Things.

lumio farm factor is a multiplication and division app

Farm Factor takes you through the building blocks of learning multiplication

Lumio Farm Factor is a wonderful combination of beautiful design and effective maths learning —…

math 42 smart calculator app android ios

Math 42 provides step-by-step solutions to maths problems

Think of Math 42 as a combination of a calculator and a maths tutor.

spatial reasoning app ipad shapes

Teach spatial reasoning and problem solving with TanZen HD

TanZen is a geometry game where the object is to correctly position a number of…

king of maths app for ipad

Answer fun and diverse maths questions in King of Maths

In a lot of maths games and apps, interest can fade quite quickly.

Count Battle iPad app screenshot

Count Battle is a fast-paced 2-player counting game

Played as a one or two player game, Count Battle is a game that tests…