notability app sketching notetaking

Notability: A powerful app for text, sketch and audio notes

You no longer have to imagine a world without a perfect note-taking iPad app, because…

quip collaboration app ipad iphone android

Quip integrates chat with work for easy collaboration

Quip is a full office suite with the added ability of realtime collaboration.

pdf scanner for ipad

Email and save paper documents with Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a document scanner app that will help convert paper files into an…

wireless hard drive for the classroom

Seagate Wireless Plus is the perfect classroom hard drive

The Seagate Wireless Plus isn’t just your standard hard drive for all your files.

showbie classroom management app for ipad

Teachers go paperless with digital class management app Showbie

We’ve looked at a few classroom management apps before and many require a monthly or…

instashare file transfer android ios mac pc windows

Instashare: Easily transfer files between iOS, Android, Mac and PC

Instashare is a beautiful app that works exactly like Apple’s AirDrop, but you can send…

Colourful days of the week folders

These bright days of the week folders caught our eye; adding a touch of humour…

Foldable, rolling teacher cart for transporting heavy items

As a teacher, every week we’re likely to be bringing something home, and 9 times…

Extra filing space using the magnetic clear folder

This magnetic clear folder is a brilliant addition to your classroom to give yourself a…

Wenger Patriot: The perfect teacher cart

Whether you’re bringing home jotters or transporting a laptop, you can be sure to have…

Really Useful teacher filing box with 10 suspension files

This really useful box is a transparent, solid, plastic box for multi-purpose storage.

Collect, organise and share student work digitally using Three Ring

The nature of assessment is changing. It isn’t just about a grade at the end…