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Notability: A powerful app for text, sketch and audio notes

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You no longer have to imagine a world without a perfect note-taking iPad app, because Notability is wonderful. It is an incredible piece of software that, even with the amount of current features, is always looking to improve and update. Whether you want to add a text note, audio recording, annotate a webpage or doodle over a photograph — Notability can do it all.

When starting with a blank page, the best input for quick notes is the handwriting option. It has a variety of colours and ink widths for creating text or even sketches. By combining it with the magnifying glass feature, you can focus in on a specific area of the screen for finer detailing. If you’d rather type your notes, Notability also functions as a full featured word processor. This combination makes it great for creating quick or professional notes, depending on what your goal is.

Unlike other note-taking apps, Notability adds a level of organisation that you’d expect to see in an app like Evernote. So any sketches, ideas or important notes don’t get lost easily and can be neatly sorted into folders and colour-coded.

Notability stores all of your content in iCloud so it’s available across all your devices at any time. If you’d prefer to use Dropbox or Google Drive, you can export to these services as well as import files.

A lot of users compare Notability to another note-taking app called Penultimate. Although very similar, Penultimate is completely free but it only contains the handwritten aspects. Notability is a much more well-rounded app.

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