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Teachers go paperless with digital class management app Showbie

showbie classroom management app for ipad

We’ve looked at a few classroom management apps before and many require a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock all the features.

Showbie is no different but it does provide a free account where you have access to a limited amount of options. The app allows you to collect and review assignments, share documents, photos, simple notes and voice memos — all within a clearly organised interface.

Once you have created your digital class system you are provided with a code that you can share with students. Students can then enter this code once they have signed up for an account themselves. This system makes it ideal for secondary school as each teacher can provide their own unique code. It’s also worth remembering that Showbie is accessible from any computer — not just iPads.

Within the app, teachers can organise assignments and files in folders which can then be shared to students. Any file that is shared automatically becomes the student’s copy, allowing for edits that don’t overwrite your original. For example if you share a diagram, students can annotate it and upload it back to the folder. You’ll then get a notification saying Student XYZ has submitted files.

Overall, Showbie is a functional and intuitive app that works very well and teachers shouldn’t have any real issues getting started. If you do encounter a problem or need assistance, check out the excellent Showbie support forum for a plethora of questions and answers.

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