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The new Classroom app from Apple for managing iPads

Apple iPad classroom management app

Apple’s latest app for education is one that should have been released years ago. It provides the much-needed control for iPads within the classroom environment, or as Apple calls it: your new teaching assistant.

Launch any app, website or file on student devices simultaneously.

Rather than telling students to type in a web address or open a book, you can do it quickly and easily with a couple of taps from the iPad you’re holding. In addition, you can lock these apps on their screen to ensure that no students lose focus.

Check what’s on your student’s screens

Instantly see what your student’s are doing by seeing a live motion thumbnail of every device. You can also view any device full screen and they’ll see the menu bar change to blue – indicating that you’re watching. Great for checking in to see how students are progressing through an assignment or quiz.

What’s my password?

If the iPads have been configured using Apple Configurator (Mac app), every student will have a username and password to access their work regardless of device. If they forget their details, you can swiftly reset them and get the learning flowing again.


Group students into teams

The app automatically creates groups depending on what each iPad is doing. If some are surfing the web and others are reading a book, it sorts the students into appropriate groups. You can then manage each group by performing actions unique to them.


Guide student learning by opening multiple apps at the same time. You might want to set a timer, check on notes or follow along with a book or video. You can have the content ready to go on your device before launching for the rest of the class.

Mirror to the big screen

If you have an Apple TV set up in your classroom, seamlessly share any iPad screen to the television or whiteboard for all to see.

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