A yellow emoji dice made out of paper displaying emoji expressions. The background is purple and blue.

Emoji Dice Templates: A Fun Way to Help Kids Write Creative Stories

Emojis are a fun and popular way to communicate with friends and family. But they’re…

Printable number lines from negative 50 to 50. Available in three different colour schemes and black and white.

Negative 50 to 50 Number Line

Our negative 50 to 50 number line is a great way to help children understand…

A set of printable cards in eight colours for helping children with creative writing. Each card displays the reading genre and a linear illustration.

Flash Cards of Creative Writing Topics and Genres

Visual flash cards to help children explore their creative writing skills.

Reward bookmarks in bright colours. Blue, pink, yellow and green. Each one displays 10 spaces for attaching a sticker.

Colourful Reward Bookmarks for Stickers

Our simple reward bookmarks are a great way to motivate children to read.

A selection of free Pride flag designs for using as bunting.

Pride Flag Bunting

Celebrate Pride Month with our free printable pride flag bunting!

A gif cycling through various versions of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster from World War 2

Keep Calm and Carry On (Editable)

Our latest resource is an editable version of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On…

Flash cards for career exploration laid out in a grid on a purple background.

Career Exploration Flash Cards

Over 500 flash cards for helping students choose a career path.

A set of free division flash cards for 1-12 times tables.

Square Division Flash Cards

A set of 144 times table flash cards that focus on division.

free times table flash cards in various colours

Square Multiplication Flash Cards

A set of colourful times table flash cards from 1-12.

A set of printable letters in the style of LEGO Duplo building blocks.

LEGO Duplo Alphabet

A colourful alphabet in the style of LEGO Duplo building blocks.

A daily check-in for students that uses emojis to express feelings.

Daily Check-in

How are you feeling today?