Blank Clock Faces

A set of five clock faces for helping children learn about time.

Daily 3D Cube Calendar

Our daily calendar allows you to display the day, date, month and weather in a…

Analogue and Digital Time Cards

Our analogue and digital time cards have been carefully crafted with colour to reinforce understanding!

Geometry, counting, equations, time, money and more in Todo Maths

Todo Maths is one of the most thorough and content-laden apps you can get for…

video stopwatch for ipad measure time between two points

Video Stopwatch finds the elapsed time between two points in a video

Video Stopwatch is a simple app that helps you measure the time it takes between…

quick clocks learn time app for ipad

Quick Clocks is an effective method for learning about time

The developers at Shiny Things have knocked another app out of the park.

Tico Timer is a visual way of counting down time

Tico Timer is a simple app that does one thing and does it well.

Easyread clock for the classroom makes telling the time simple

The Easyread clock does exactly what you’d expect.