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Video Stopwatch finds the elapsed time between two points in a video

video stopwatch for ipad measure time between two points

Video Stopwatch is a simple app that helps you measure the time it takes between two points in a video. The obvious use for this is during a race where you could get the exact times for each competitor. As long as you have a recording from the start of the race and a suitable location of the finish line, the app works reasonably well.

Videos can be imported from your camera roll or recorded from within the app at the time of the event. When setting your markers, it can be fiddly to get an accurate placement because there’s no fine scrubbing option. Also, if you place a marker accidentally, you can’t remove it unless you clear every marker altogether.

Unfortunately, the app is missing an export function. So to record your times you either have to write them down manually or capture a screenshot (home and power button pressed simultaneously).

Download for iOS.

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