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20th century posters classroom free

20th Century Decades Timeline

A timeline of the 20th century split into decades. It displays noteworthy events such as Titanic sinking, World War Two and the first sighting of Loch Ness.

World War 2 Identity Card

A replica of a World War 2 Identity Card. The card contains front, back and inside pages that can be assembled to make a booklet.

World War 2 Evacuee Tag

A replica of an evacuee tag used by children during World War 2. Each template can be printed and folded over to create a double-sided tag.

Leaders of World War 2

Teaching about World War 2? Our world leaders pack contains informative profiles of 12 of the most prominent leaders during World War 2.

World War 2 Plane Cards

Our World War 2 plane cards consist of 16 aircraft with short biographies, important dates, wingspan, speed and what countries predominantly used them.