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Keep Calm and Carry On (Editable)

A gif cycling through various versions of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster from World War 2

Our latest resource is an editable version of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster.

This iconic poster, first created in 1939 during World War II, has become a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Now, with our customisable version, you can make it your own and share a message of encouragement with the world.

You can easily change the text to say whatever you want, whether it’s a motivational quote, a personal mantra, or a message of hope for others. We’ve used the free Google font, Raleway, as it looks most like the original font while being easily accessible for all. However, you’re free to use whatever font you wish!

The background colour of the poster can be changed too, allowing you to make it even more unique.

The poster can be edited in Apple Pages and it prints to A4 size.

Apple Pages can be downloaded for free on Mac, iPad or iPhone. It can also be accessed at iCloud.com from any web browser.

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