Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

A gif cycling through various versions of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster from World War 2

Keep Calm and Carry On (Editable)

Our latest resource is an editable version of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On…

extinct animal cards classroom teaching

Extinct Animals

Our set of 10 cards raise awareness to some of the animals that have become…

free blank viking ship template

Viking Ship Template

A blank viking ship for students to create their own viking sail and four shield…

ancient egypt writing template border stories free

Egyptian Writing Templates

Our pack of four ancient Egyptian writing templates are great for stories or topic research.

ancient egypt map free ks2

Maps of Egypt

Our Maps of Egypt pack contains an ancient Egypt map with annotations as well as…

Free printable dice with roman numerals on each face

Roman Numerals Dice (I-VI)

A traditional dice but with Roman numerals: I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Measures…

free egyptian printable posters monarch objects

Egyptian Monarchs and Objects

Our set of Egyptian monarch and object posters display various important figures and items from…

egyptian deities posters free

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Discover some of the great Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, such as Geb, God of Earth,…

ancient egypt artwork printable

Egyptian Artwork

A set of eight posters displaying the style of artwork from ancient Egypt.

20th century posters classroom free

20th Century Decades Timeline

A timeline of the 20th century split into decades. It displays noteworthy events such as…

Printable, blank newspaper templates in a vintage, aged style

Old Newspaper Template

A newspaper template in an old and vintage style for creating historic articles!

ancient egypt border printable classroom

Egyptian Borders

Two Egyptian themed borders for a classroom display. Each one is approximately 10cm high and…