gameboy certificate for computer club schools

Gameboy Certificate

Time for some retro rewards!

a twitter template for tweets

Tweet Templates

Tweet tweet! A blank twitter box for displaying an inspirational quote or bringing to life…

printable instagram template a4 paper

Instagram Template

Our Instagram template is a paper version of the photo sharing network. It includes a…

Social media poster reminding you to beware what you share

A poster displaying advice for children using social media. Think before you press send.

Websites of the week

A poster for displaying websites of the week. It comes in two versions: one with…

Minecraft Numbers

Numbers 0-20 in the style of Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Alphabet

An alphabet pack based on the popular game, Minecraft. Includes letters A-Z on individual A4…

App Review Template

A printable template for children to write their own app reviews. Draw the icon, write…

Robot Alphabet

An alphabet where the letters are in the mouths of cute, colourful robots. Each letter…

Blank Computer Keyboard Template

A standard computer keyboard template to help children become familiar with typing.

Internet Safety Banner

A simple banner displaying 12 rules for staying safe on the internet, split across three…

free photography posters school classroom

Photography Banners

Two large photography banners for displaying the creative work of students.