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owl numbers 1-20

Owl Numbers

A set of owl numbers in various colours from 1-20. Available in both large and small sizes.

printable lego background pattern

LEGO Patterns

Our LEGO pattern resource is available in 9 colours, allowing you to create a background or wall display for any occasion.

football jerseys tops soccer

Blank Football Tops

Add your school colours, favourite teams or create a new design for your next Quidditch tournament.

LEGO Character Template

A blank Lego character for colouring in. The light outline version can be used as a guide for more adventurous modifications.

LEGO Head Emojis

A collection of emotions on the classic lego-shaped head. There are 50 emojis in total and each one is on an A4 PDF.

Picture Frames

Display student work in colourful picture frames. There are three styles (rectangle, square and oval) and each one comes unmounted and mounted in nine colours.