Geometry, counting, equations, time, money and more in Todo Maths

Todo Maths is one of the most thorough and content-laden apps you can get for…

Sketchometry: Create geometrical constructions using your finger

Sketchometry is a geometry app that converts quick hand-drawn sketches into precise shapes and lines.

shape lab app geometry ipad

Shape Lab is an app for exploring shapes, measurements and angles

Shape Lab is a geometry app for children that completely focuses on shape. You start…

geoboard app

Geoboard: Stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and shapes

Geoboard is a very basic app that simulates stretching bands around pegs.

unfold shapes app for ipad

Unfold app explores common and complex 3D geometric shapes

Similar to the app Think 3D, Unfold is all about exploring 3D objects. Whereas Think…

ipad building app shapes think 3d

Build and disassemble geometric shapes in Think 3D

Think 3D is a simple app all about shapes. You interact with them in a…

spatial reasoning app ipad shapes

Teach spatial reasoning and problem solving with TanZen HD

TanZen is a geometry game where the object is to correctly position a number of…

Plus-Plus is a LEGO alternative for building and construction

Plus-Plus is a new construction toy for boys and girls that uses a simple shape…

Foldify: Design, fold and cut-out 3D shape templates

Foldify is a wonderful app that has a collection of printable 3D shapes that you…