unfold shapes app for ipad

Unfold app explores common and complex 3D geometric shapes

Similar to the app Think 3D, Unfold is all about exploring 3D objects. Whereas Think 3D was more about creating, Unfold is more about dissecting complex shapes and seeing how they are folded together. With every 3D object the app displays the number of sides and shapes used to create it.

When you have chosen a shape, you are able to use basic iPad gestures to interact with it. Use pinch and zoom to fold and unfold, as well as a single swipe to rotate the object 360º. This allows you to explore an object at any point in its construction, from any angle.

The 63 shapes are compiled of:

  • 5 Platonic Solids
  • 13 Archimedean Solids
  • 21 Johnson Solids
  • 8 Prisms
  • 8 Rectangular Prisms
  • 8 Antiprisms

Download for iOS.


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