Geometry, counting, equations, time, money and more in Todo Maths

Todo Maths is one of the most thorough and content-laden apps you can get for KS1 learners. It covers an immense amount of skills that are presented beautifully, with artwork, animations, sound and music.

The app is free with restrictions or you can purchase a 3 month or 12 month subscription to unlock everything. For free, you get access to all the games but with limited difficulty levels, so you can’t progress gradually. You also get a start on the Daily Challenge adventure (the first 3 days only) where there’s around 5 puzzles that should be completed everyday in around 15 minutes or so. If you’re a paying subscriber, you have enough daily challenges for a whole year!

It’s certainly clear that educators have played a key part in its development. Games are practical and enjoyable, plus you have the added bonus of monster collecting which will always keep children entertained. It’s definitely worth a download, even if it’s just for the free content.

Available for iOS and Android.


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