To be honest, circles are just pointless.

A selection of different 2D shapes in various colours

Exploring Simple 2D Shapes

Colourful creations using very basic two-dimensional shapes.

3D building blocks for creating optical illusions

Optical Illusion Building Blocks

The opportunities for problem-solving and creativity are endless.

Colourful paper templates for building 6, 8, 10 and 12-sided shapes

6, 8, 10 and 12-sided Dice Templates

A huge set of dice templates ranging from 6 to 12 faces.

Colourful cards displaying 2D shapes and how many sides they have

2D and 3D Shape Cards

Our 2D and 3D shape cards are great for toddlers and small children looking to…

A set of posters for children to help them understand angles

Understanding Angles Posters

A set of three A4 posters that cover the basics of angles. Includes definitions of…

Free posters for understanding weight, length and capacity

Weight, Length and Capacity Posters

Three posters explaining weight/mass, length and capacity. Each one displays relevant conversions and a few…

A set of posters for understanding area, perimeter and volume

Area, Perimeter and Volume Posters

Three A4 posters displaying the definitions of area, perimeter and volume.

A square brainteaser printable

Square Paper Brainteaser

Cut out the four shapes and try to rearrange them back into a square.

See-through 3D shape flash cards

3D Shape Cards

Seven printable cards for teaching children 3D shapes. Each shape is constructed so that you…

Colourful flash cards of 2D shapes for children

2D Shape Cards

A colourful set of 2D shape cards for helping children recognise common shapes.

An alphabet made out of geometric shapes

Geometric Shapes Alphabet

A geometric alphabet made from simple shapes. Each letter is transparent so you can see…