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A spectacular insight into the pyramids of Ancient Egypt

the pyramids explore ipad app

If someone was to create the perfect app that explores ancient Egypt, this would be it. You begin the adventure with a highly detailed 3D aerial view of the Giza Plateau — consisting of three pyramids and eight tombs. Not only can you fly around and view them from 360º but you can enter them and discover what’s inside. The whole experience is very similar to Google Street View in that the 3D effect is made up from lots of pictures — in this case by archaeological photographer, Sandro Vannini.

The app doesn’t just impress with its visuals as it has excellent audio commentary too. Enter a tomb and the narration by Egyptologist Bram Calcoen begins to play, telling you a little about where you are. Come across a wall painting and you can tap on it to find out more information.

Another brilliant feature is the collection of 3D artifacts. Here you can zoom in and rotate objects such as statues and masks, thanks to the high quality images. However, this extraordinary amount of detail does mean that the app is a huge 1.15GB in size.

We almost feel like it’s not worth reviewing other pyramid apps after this. The balance of content and ease of use make it absolutely perfect for the classroom. A wonderfully developed app.

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