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A secret agent pack for children including a cipher card and international morse code card

Secret Agent Academy – Cipher and Morse Code Cards

A super-confidential code, for the eyes of secret agents only.

printable superhero bookmarks free

Superhero Bookmarks

Simple superhero bookmarks in various colours. Each superhero comes in both male and female versions.

free printable superman letters classroom

Superman Alphabet

A set of Superman letters from A-Z. They come in three styles including blue background,…

superhero comic book bunting free printable

Superhero Bunting

Fun comic book style superheroes on colourful bunting. Each superhero is on a single A4…

free comic banner classroom printable

Comic Book Banners

The perfect banner for displaying alongside some brilliant comic strips. The banners display ‘Comic Strips’,…

A printable golden ticket for magical rewards

The Golden Ticket

The classic Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, just waiting to be…

Comic-style numbers for display

Comic Book Numbers

Numbers 1-20 in the style of comic book lettering. Each number is on an A4…

Comic-style alphabet for classroom displays

Comic Book Alphabet

Our comic book alphabet features letters A-Z in a chunky, comic style. We’ve also included an…

Various templates for creating your own comic book

Blank Comic Book Templates

Our blank comic book templates feature 30 page layouts and lots of styled speech bubbles…

Writing templates with the theme of fairytales

Fairytale Writing Templates

Once upon a time there were three fairytale writing templates…