learn numbers in languages free

Numbers 0-20 in World Languages

Numbers 0-20 in six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

free offline map for ios and android

Maps.Me is an offline map solution for anywhere in the world is a convenient mapping app that works like any other, but with the added…

google expeditions app

Google brings virtual expeditions and augmented reality to the classroom

It’s becoming clear that virtual reality is the next big thing in technology. It offers…

GeoKids is a colourful geography maps app for learning about the world

GeoKids is a bright and colourful app that tests your knowledge on world geography.

accurate free weather app for ipad

WunderStation displays detailed information from over 100,000 personal weather stations

If you want an incredibly accurate weather forecast in your area, then WunderStation is the…

Field Trip helps you discover the interesting places in the world

Field Trip is an app by Google for Android and iPhone that helps you learn…


Solar Walk is a 3D environment for navigating through our solar system

Solar Walk takes you up into space on an adventure through and around the planets in our…

travel interpreter phrasebook app for ipad

Travel Interpreter is a talking phrasebook that translates English into 33 languages

Unlike other translation apps that will translate just about anything, Travel Interpreter focus solely on…


Discover the national debt of more than 180 countries

The free app, National Debt, provides a unique look into the national debts of countries…

geomaster geography quiz for ipad

GeoMaster Plus HD is a geography quiz that spans the globe

Set on the backdrop of a classroom chalkboard, GeoMaster Plus is a quiz app all…

free ipad app displaying nuclear power plant locations

See a map of all the nuclear power plants in the world

Every year, the world is slowly becoming more green when it comes to energy production.

a live video stream of the international space station iss

Watch the ISS camera stream live from your classroom

The International Space Station is a huge science lab in the stars, and home to…