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Travel Interpreter is a talking phrasebook that translates English into 33 languages

travel interpreter phrasebook app for ipad

Unlike other translation apps that will translate just about anything, Travel Interpreter focus solely on words and phrases. It organises over 2000 words and phrases into categories that can be identified by recognisable illustrations. In total, the app supports the translations of over 30 languages — all spoken by native speakers of that country.

The app organises words and phrases into 15 categories which we’ve listed below. These are available for all languages.

Bank Basics Beauty
Communication Food/Drinks Health
Hotel In the Restaurant Local Transport
Police Repairs/Laundry Shopping
Sightseeing Sport/Leisure Travelling

For every phrase in the app, a drawing is displayed to illustrate what the word or phrase means. This actually helps you remember phrases more easily as you have an image to associate with it.

When Travel Interpreter first launched, it was a huge app that contained every language preloaded. Now you only have to download the languages that you’ll actually use — saving you precious iPad storage space.

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