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Maps.Me is an offline map solution for anywhere in the world

free offline map for ios and android

Maps.me is a convenient mapping app that works like any other, but with the added bonus of offline viewing. Even though it works offline, you’ll still need the internet to download any map data in advance. Each country has it’s own map pack so you don’t have to download individual towns or cities. Some of the bigger countries are split into regions or states as it would be too large to download otherwise.

The data is sourced from openstreetmap.org — a free online map that’s compiled by users from around the world. This means it’s not only accurate but it’s updated very frequently and you’re less likely to discover missing roads or buildings.

Whether you’re driving or walking, Maps.me has the ability to direct you using the GPS in your device. It’ll tell you how far a location is, how long it’ll take to arrive and the appropriate route for travel. It’s particularly good for walking as it can differentiate between a busy road and a quiet footpath.

It’s ideal for school trips and a great free app to have in your back pocket. Just remember to download your locations before setting off.

Available for iOS and Android.

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