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GeoKids is a colourful geography maps app for learning about the world

A screenshot fro the Geokids geography app for iPad

GeoKids is a bright and colourful app that tests your knowledge on world geography. Users learn and discover new places and facts by travelling around the map, answering questions as they go.

The app has several game modes which helps keep the content interesting and avoids becoming repetitive or boring. Additionally, you can increase the difficulty level for a tougher challenge and new, harder questions.

GeoKid Mode:
In the GeoKid mode, kids have to navigate the world map and indicate where the countries or the capitals are, according to various questions (such as flag, famous monument etc.).

Quiz Mode:
In the Quiz mode it’s all about multiple choice questions, including countries, flags, capitals, monuments and area size.

Flag Mode:
This game mode displays all of the flags of the world and displays further information when you tap on them.

Discovery Mode:
Discovery mode is where you gain all the information needed for the quizzes. Navigate freely to anywhere in the world or use the search box to locate specific places.

Puzzle Mode:
This is a series of wooden puzzles that can be unlocked by answering questions correctly from the other game modes.

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