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Maps of our World is an atlas and geography quiz combo

maps of our world ipad app quiz

Maps of our World is an atlas app that allows you to research, learn and discover country capitals, rivers and deserts. Once you’ve consumed as much information as possible, you can quiz yourself and put your knowledge to the test!

For a free app, the quality of the content is excellent. It’s been designed well and is easy to navigate around. You are given 7 free political maps to begin with and you can unlock more (including physical maps) through in-app purchases. The included free maps are: Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the World.

After selecting a continent or country, you can view the map and statistics, complete some training and ultimately attempt a challenging quiz.

The training mode works by displaying information that you have to memorise before answering some questions. This should help prepare you for the Challenge mode that gives you a blank map and will randomly ask for the locations of certain cities, countries etc. After the quiz, you are given a score which will be remembered in order for you to improve your performance next time. The quiz can also be increased in difficulty but even the first level is pretty tricky!

Overall, Maps of our World is an excellent app for extending the geographical knowledge of students. It is easy to use, looks great and will have many uses for the classroom. If you want everything unlocked from the beginning, they do have a Pro version available.


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