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Hemingway app recommends edits to improve your writing

Examples of the hemingway app that improves your writing

Hemingway is a web and desktop application that aims to tidy up your writing and make it easier for readers to understand. It uses a colour system to highlight sentences that need attention and gives your writing an overall readability score.

The five colours are:
YELLOW – Sentences that are hard to read.
RED – Sentences that are very hard to read.
Purple – A phrase that can be simplified.
Blue – An adverb that needs removed.
Green – Limit the use of passive voice.

The app has a writing mode and an edit mode that you can switch between. The writing mode clears the sidebar of clutter and provides a more writer-friendly environment.

Use of the website is free and the desktop application (available for both Mac and PC) is $9.99.

Although there are many writers who trust Hemingway to make the correct changes, you must remember that it’s not the definitive solution for all text. Just because something is highlighted, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or needs adjusted.

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