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The free app, National Debt, provides a unique look into the national debts of countries around the world. Although you can ‘unlock’ the full version of the app via an in-app purchase, the free version allows you to view 10 countries per day.

When you select a country, you are provided with lots of interesting statistics. The national debt is displayed by default in the local currency and it flicks through in real-time to show how it’s increasing. You also have a large graph that shows how the debt has declined and increased over the years.

As the debt is usually a staggeringly high number, the app displays a quick guide of items that the debt equates to. Such as Big Mac meals, iPhones, cars and aeroplanes. You can even add your own items and figures to the list and it’ll do the calculations for you.

The data is based on official numbers provided by the governments and are updated on a regular basis. You can ensure that you have the latest figures by heading to the Support section of the app and choosing ‘Update Now’.

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