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Popplet: simple mind mapping that doesn’t lack on features

Screenshot of the Popplet mind-mapping app for iPad

Popplet has created an app that gives you all the features you need whilst still being really easy and fun to use. Mind mapping is a task filled with creativity and ideas, so it’s only right that you should be working in an app that looks good!

Although Popplet looks simple, it’s actually packed full of features. Within each box (or popple as they call it) you can add text, a photo and even a quick sketch using a number of colours. As you draw, the popple will even increase in size automatically to account for the content within. We do wish however that you could add an audio note or short video clip, but we understand that mind maps are usually printed off and worked with at a desk. Still, it would be a worthy addition for the digital age!

Colours also play an important role in Popplet, as the boxes and background are all customisable; making it easy to organise into visual categories. Once you’ve completed your mind map you can email or save as a PDF or image, as well as upload to popplet.com where you have the option to share with others and even work together in realtime.

Using Popplet in the Classroom

  • Story ideas
  • Exploring a topic
  • Creating a family tree
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