Artwork creations from the Assembly graphic design app

Assembly: Simple graphic design for everybody

Whether you’re a graphic design professional or a complete novice, Assembly is a creative tool…

A screenshot of the Canva app

Canva: A simple way of creating beautiful graphic design

Teachers are designing and creating materials all the time and it’s important that the content…

Quark Designpad screenshot

Quark DesignPad is an advanced creation app for newsletters, posters and more

If you need to create an official document for printing, Quark DesignPad is about as…

build website app ipad

Jimdo: Build and run a website directly on the iPad

If you want to get a website online but aren’t sure how, Jimdo is a…

Screenshot of the Popplet mind-mapping app for iPad

Popplet: simple mind mapping that doesn’t lack on features

Popplet has created an app that gives you all the features you need whilst still…

Design your own Scottish tartan

Design and print your own tartan

Tartan is a series of horizontal and vertical stripes that repeat in both directions to form…

Art Rage iPad app for painting

ArtRage: A toolbox of art tools, right at your fingertips

ArtRage turns your tablet into the ultimate painting canvas.

Foldify app for creating 3D paper models

Foldify: Design, fold and cut-out 3D shape templates

Foldify is a wonderful app that has a collection of printable 3D shapes that you…

Marvel app designer

Create a child-friendly app prototype with Marvel

If you ever wanted to design your own functioning app — Marvel is here to…